A musical heritage to discover...

   The Lebanese musical heritage is among the richest in the world. Multiple music sources made its personality such as the sacred music (Syriac, Byzantine and Muslim), the Arab-eastern ottoman, the Armenian, the Western, etc. Thus, it's a mix of the profane and the sacred, the ancient music to the contemporary music through the classical, the romantic and the modern. Actually, the Lebanese music has emerged as an art at the beginning of the twentieth century. So we can say that it is still searching for its personality in order to prove itself globally.

   Being of Lebanese origins, I consider it my duty to promote the music of Lebanese composers. Many of them have already forged their names in the "Pantheon" of the great composers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries such as Bechara El Khoury Naji Hakim, Zad Moultaka, Gabriel Yared, Touffic Succar Georges Baz, Anis Fuleihan, Boghos Gelalian and many others. Many orchestras such as the National Orchestra of France, the London Symphony Orchestra, the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, the Philharmonic Orchestra of New York etc., have interpreted their compositions under the direction of many maestros such as Kurt Masur, Daniel Harding, James Colon, Pierre Devraux and others.

   In the recent years, I fully devoted myself to the promotion of their work by participating and organizing regular concerts and concert-conferences "Around the Lebanese Composers". In addition as a soloist and a chamber musician I played and created many of their masterpieces in Lebanon and France in order to sensitize our "Musical Lebanese Patrimony."